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CAMino™ is an RGB-D camera supports 4K resolution in color and Time-of-Flight VGA sensing

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CAMinoTM is a RGB-D camera with a RGB camera of 8M resolution and a depth camera of VGA resolution. CAMinoTM has three models, CAMino-Lite, CAMino-Plus, CAMino-Max, with different optical power of VCSEL, 10W/20W/40W, for different distance applications. CAMinoTM is designed for many applications such as surveillance with AI recognition, industrial machine vision, etc. The rugged camera can be used in all environments with USB 2.0 Type-C interface.

Model CAMino-Lite CAMino-PLus CAMino-Max
General Specification
Dimension of Outline 95.5mm (L) X 52mm (W) X 24.4mm (H)
Input / Output I/F USB2.0 Type-C
Power Consumption USB2.0 Type-C I/F < 1W
Operating System Windows/Linux
Frame Rate 3fps
Operation Temperature -10°C -60°C
Time-of-Flight Sensor Specification
Resolution 640 x 480
Light Source VCSEL 940nm
Optical Power 10W 20W 40W
Power Consumption < 23W < 46W < 96W
Sensing Range 8m TBA TBA
Accuracy 0.5m ~ 4m ≤ 2%
4m ~ 10m ≤ 4%
VCSEL FOV (V) 58°/ (H) 72°
Lens FOV (V) 48.2°/ (H) 61.7° / (D) 74.3°
Power Supply DC 6V x 4.5A DC 15~20V x 4.5A DC 24~30V x 4.5A
RGB Camera
Resolution 3840 x 2160
Lens FOV (V) 76.7°/ (H) 94.8° / (D) 117°